Our Website Services Pricing

At our company, we prioritize transparency regarding the costs of our services, and we are committed to providing our clients with a clear understanding of the expenses involved without any hidden fees. Our aim is to ensure that clients embark on a contract with us fully informed, avoiding any sense of being exploited or financially depleted. If anything regarding our pricing is still unclear or confusing, please feel free to check out our FAQ page or send us a message through the form below!

Web Design Cost

A brand new website with basic on-site SEO (alt tags, title tags, and meta descriptions) that is a maximum of five pages not counting the sitemap and privacy policy pages costs $1,500. Websites that require redirects, more pages, or e-commerce will cost more.

Content Creation Pricing

Each blog costs $50 and we offer monthly, bimonthly, weekly, and biweekly blog post packages.

Website Maintenance Cost

This costs $100 a month. This monthly flat rate covers two hours of updates and includes website backups, content updates, security updates, plugin updates, troubleshooting when necessary, and product additions. If more than two hours of work is needed in a month, we charge $50 per hour.

Web Hosting Pricing

If you want to leave your website's hosting services to us, the initial setup fee will cost $75. This does not include the price of your domain or hosting plan. After initial setup, we charge $50 an hour for any hosting management services that you may require.

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The Long-Term Investment of a High-Quality Website will Enable Your Business to Thrive!

We understand that concerns about pricing are natural when considering a brand new, responsive website, but investing in one is a strategic decision with long-term benefits. An on-brand, high-quality website not only aligns perfectly with your unique business needs but also enhances user experience, instills authority and trust in your company, and ultimately drives higher conversion rates. We believe that the value derived from a personalized web solutions far outweighs the initial cost. Let’s discuss your specific requirements and goals so we can provide a tailored quote that aligns with both your vision and budget. Contact us today to embark on the journey of crafting a website that truly reflects the essence of your business.

Two African American women excitedly admiring their new website